Team members: Gisele Ngwanaand Janet Awomuti

The aim of this task is pretty obvious.What we have to do is simple find out something which is undiscovered about Coventr, like I said ‘obvious and simple’ -to understand-to understand but to undertakewill somewhat of a challenge. finding a story fitted to the scenario. If it is undiscovered, that would mean no one/ not much is know about the subject, so that would make it the challenge to go out our way to find an interesting story, place, person, or event which could be documented on a radia show.  This particular story should be aired for 8 miniutes so in that sence, if we find a story which cover an hour, detailing the subject, we should be able to cut it down and fit it into a 8 minite slot, which combines the presenter speaking and possible interviews and music playing.

With that being said we had to think of a format for the show, things to consider are the contents which gives the show meaning, your spoken word should paint a bight picture as that will be the only thing that the listeners can rely on.  Anthoer thing wouuld be the audience, (who listens to the show?), whatever the subject is, it has to be suitable for the target audience, if the audience want news, they would turn the dial to a news station, a news station would have to be consistant with its expected contents.

Making a radio package video

There are lot of documented story that are view on TV which can also be aired on a radio shows, depending on the content, what you would have to think about first before this take place, is the sould factor, the sould is more important than the visul as it is the only thing that can be presented to the audience, you have to make sure that the sound tell the story and have a similar impact as it would with the visuals. theres a phrase ‘don’t judge a book by it’s cover’ in other words the contents within visuals are as or more important. a good example would be (Michael Jackson) without knowing the character and seeing him, you’ll think differently when you hear him sing.

When it comes to my group project, there are aspects where our ideas would have more of an impact if we do the video package, to be able to capture the emotions/realism, if it was to be an undiscovered existing person who we choose iinterview.

Within the group, we colaborated on a few ideas…

Undiscovered music and current musical events

When though of the idea to go out and find undiscovered usigned artist. This was not much of a challenge for us as we could simple find many in our unversity, plus other students had the same idea in mind so we thought to scrap that idea and go for something a bit more challenging and unique.

Social Coventry, updates on social places to go in Coventry

We then though of Social Coventry as a format. We all thought that this would be a brilliant idea, as we could cover a lot on grounds. Social Coventry-associated with: social activities, social areas, social event, social places, social networking…

Our first idea came from our social communities-what is Coventry, as a community offering to us. I then went in search for a few ideas which could link with the concept of social community. Follow the recent riots that took place in Hackney-London and other city communities. Coventry being our main source. With the rise in young offenders-the rise in younth crimes, we though of ways in which the community could do more. A lot of us do not know why young people become rebels without a cause. We sometimes question their up bringing  and viotlence in video game… I wanted answers. My first aim was to contact youthclub to find out what they are up against, I wanted to know what the youth clubs offer to teen to keep them off the street steering their lives in the right directions.

Within the group, we all wanted to visit the youth club to do a brief interview with the youths and the youth club leader. We wanted to know from their prospective, what is being offered to them, this way, we could promote the club, encourage young people to go there instead of causing troubles in their communioty.

This is a way in which we could raise awareness to both young youths and there parents.

During the process of visiting the youth club, we had a cancelation, due to the fact that we needed autorisation from the manager of the youth club, which is never around and is never replying to our messages, we got an ok from the youth leader but he claim he still needed permission from his boss. So we scrappet the idea as this was creaping up towards our deadline.


There was a few discussion around about a new brewery in Coventry, that tickled my fancy. I though I should just wonder around and ask a few people if they knew about this brewery, I didnt know and neither did the people I ask, these were people who is from the city. So me and me team though of doing a bit of researching. With success, we found out the location of the brewer and a contact number to arrange a tour. As the producer I took control, with no hessitation We quickly jump at the opportunity and rang up straight away.

We got a reply to go for a tour two days later. at the- Byatts Brewery in Coventry. “The Midlands Newest Brewery – Coventry’s only free trade brewery.The craft brewing movement has spread round the globe from Brooklyn to Denver, from Christchurch to Tuscany and has now rolled into Coventry. Our simple aim is to produce top notch real ale from the best maris otter barley and whole hops and provide thirsty punters across the Midlands with tasty hand crafted beers.We may be small, but we are committed to producing high quality ales using the best ingredients and traditional methods. No short cuts taken, no corners cut”.

We first visited one of the stockist the following day, to hear from the consumer, what they though of the brands from Byatts Brewery. We recieved possitive feedbacks. We then went on the street to question then members of the public, we picked up great feedbacks and and a good recording athmosphere for surround sounds. The following day was the day for the interview at the Byatts Brewery. All ended well. We got brilliant responces and overall good recordings. I am pleased with the source of information. Which then left us with the packaging of the show. All in all, the overall production was done as a success, I felt I did very well with the editing, putting everything together to create a good radio format. Well done team.

Target audience

Adults 40+ but also appeals to other age groups


To raise awareness of what Coventry city has that many people not know about. To also give them ideas of were to go socially and have a good time in Coventry.


Public streets, Whitefriars Pub and Byatt’s Brewery

Vox pops

Interview at the Byatt’s Brewery

Interview at Whitefriars Pub (stockist)

Interview with people on the street



PRESENTER: Welcome to Squash Radio, bringing you the fresh juice on social Coventry. I am your host Janet…  This week in Social Coventry, We are going to look into yet another undiscovered story in Coventry.

VOX POP 1 – Street interview

PRESENTER: Now this story may be a lot to bear, but Coventry in fact, has its very own brewery.  Yes that’s right, a beer factory on Lythall’s Lane in Foleshill, called Byatt’s Brewery. As you probably already guessed, a lot of people have no clue about it, so I’ve done the honours of hunting down one of its stockists, who buy beer from the brewery itself.

VOX POP 2 – Whitefriar’s Pub

PRESENTER: So you’ve heard from one of the stockist, now let’s here from the main man himself, the owner of Byatt’s Brewery. It is the first in Coventry since the Second World War. I managed to catch up with him and take a tour of the factory and get an insight into what happens there.

VOX POP 3 – Byatt’s Brewery

PRESENTER: There you have it, the discovery of where some of your favourite Coventry beer comes from. Don’t forget to visit some of the brewery’s stockist such as Whitefriars on Gosford Street, Inspire on New Union Street, Gatehouse Tavern and Alexander Wines on Berkeley Road South. You can make your own verdict and have your say, remember t to keep following us on Twitter and keep your views coming in at @SquashRadio. Remember to tune in next week where will continue to bring you fresh juice on social Coventry only one Squash radio.

Close the show – (give a brief insight on White Friars as there were not any mention to where the pub is – people can visit this pub to have a taste of some of the popular drinks that was made in the Coventry’s very own brewery).

Radio Show Advert

Radio Show



There are so much valuables within our own creative abilities which give us an identity, whom can be foreseen as media production profession, we have the skills or capability to create amazement, leating the tricks to the trade is oh so important to fork out as a starting point for some of the few things that you should know first before entering into an industry.

To be a formats producer, either as a; video producer, web, sport media network, or  most importantly, as it is my current topic; ‘Radio and TV format producer’.  You must be creative and passionate about the work you are doing as you are a symbol to the good or great work that you do. As media professional, what should first be understood is the simple fact that the work you do is to present to an audience, an audience with opinions so therefore, you want your bad work to be good and your good to be amazing. that then will be an example of your full capability.


Appearance is very important, point blank period, when it comes down to a TV format. You can even move up to a more broader extent to say it the key to the overall prospect of a good TV show. Television have to rely on its appearance to sell a scene as it tells the audience everything they need to know from the tone and the athmosphere, it even help to catergorise an intended audience for the programme. As set designers, attention to detail is important from; the overall structure/design, the colour scheme, the lighting to the set.

The things to pay attention to when watching a good TV format:

  • How often the shot changes
  • What type of shot (wide shot, medium shot or close up) is used
  • How often the camera moves within a shot
  • What visual clues are included in the shot
  • What the lighting is like
  • How graphics (words on the screen) interact with the rest of the visuals

When developing new ideas for a new Television format, there are a few things that need to be considered. One in actuality, is to make your show contemporary. It is always about originality, how to make your format work, and how to introduce it to a chosen audience. It is not down to you to guarantee your work getting made, so in that sense ofeereing something new and original will get you as far as you expect your hard work to go. So it is always good if as a writer, you can come up with a new contemprorary-a new trend in television production. What should stand out in a format is – ‘the characters, the set-up, the arena, sometimes whole storylines. But essentially format is what sort of stories your series tells, and how it tells them. An awful lot of that is about tone and attitude and viewpoint. Through whose eyes is the narrative seen? Who does the show makes us care about?’…


In terms of radio, the only thing you can really rely on is the word, you can individually create your own image by what you hear on the radio, in turn you are able to reinterprit and create a different picture.

In terms of the importance in radio, there are so many things you can get out of it  from; new updates, wheater forecast, reviews advertisement so in that sense, a lot of business promote thier compay over the radio. You hear number one music aired on your favourate stations. Record companies in reponsible/represent a major part in the music inductry, the other major part consists of radio stations. Record labels and radio station have to work together to succeed. Record label need to push out different music from the artist which they represent and the radio stations need to have the constant consistent flow of new materials for their listeners. The record labels benefits from this by selling records and do the radio station through broadcasting advertisement.

A format in general term in Radio and Television.. Is sorely decided on its content. So the content of a programmes is the selling point, Radio formats are oftenly employed as a marketing tool evolving around; Music radio; Old Time Radio, All-news radio; Sports radio; Talk radio and Weather radio… operating different genres of radio formats. Each of these genres can then transend into sub-divided  formats.

When making a Radio Package Video, explains how to set the scene and engage your audience.

1. Work out what the story is? And be clear on this.

2. Who are you going to talk to?  You will need a range of voices from experts and public opinions

3. Choose a location carefully.  EG Market gives your piece some good background noises.

4. Check your kit before you go out.

5. Remember the people who speak to you the most passionately

6. Record wildtrack.  That’s background sound to cover the edits.

Radio Content in the Digital Age

“Over the past decade, developments in technology have dramatically broadened the range of options for programming audio. The revolution began in the mid-1990s with a newfound ability to listen to audio being streamed over the Internet. Since then, digital radio has continued to expand with the advent of podcasting, offering radio programming on demand, and the rollout of different digital transmission systems, which provide superior sound quality and additional stations on and outside the traditional FM and AM wavebands.  What are the main characteristics of today’s radio content? How does radio programming differ around Europe and in other countries? How is radio content, both programming and genre, changing through new and emerging technology?

In discussion, for this module we had an miled brief on the different opportunies which we are able to choose from out of Professional experience. Some of us already had ideas on which way to go about getting a profession experience because at times, in the media industry, its not only what you know, it is the people you know that will open the doors to your future opportunities.

We had a four hours lecture that we all had to attend to get a swift understanding on what is expected and more detail steps to make when trying to get a profession experience in place, we had to know our approach, our expected persona for when an experienced opportunity arrises as in how you should present yourself if you get a chance to go for an interview for an applied role. This again examplifies the the link between knowing people/person in the industry, from there you will already have a turning point or an opportunity, which then leave you to simple show off your capability. So that is who you know, what you know is equally important, having a portfolio is some what vital, we as media production professional-professional is what we should see ourselves as in this moment in time-we should go out and work outside our studies, have the passion and drive to experience new things, that is one way of building a link within the industry.

In the lecture, there were a few schemes that were mentioned that are available for us to take part in. First was the Erasmus scheme, initiatives in higher education enabling students, teachers and institutions in 31 European countries to study for part of their degree in another country, which means that, we are able to travel abroad, either to study future into a particular area in our media course or just to find a work placement.  Interesting and exciting opportunity which I am first and foremost, fanatical about. The fact that it would be funded is a bonus on top of traveling to do something you enjoy.

The next opportunity is ‘Comco’ the University’s own independent production company.  As people or small businesses keep requesting University student to get involved with different, the Unversity set up this production company to incourage/give student the opportunity to do professional work on request, this opportunity, give students the experience they need and the opportunity to build up their portfolios. I think this is a great idea which I most definately is interested in getting involved with. As i don’t feel like I have done a work that I can class as professional, I think this is an unmissable opportunity to open a lot of doors for me, getting to meet new people and work on different project outside of university and also as I am keen to open my own media company, this is an experience I need to give me the vital key structure/ingredient needed to make such company work.

From there we had a few charity group come in and share with us the different project we could get involved with, which also includes existing work around europe. Steve Dawkins ended with informations on the University projects that are available to us. These included; filming trips abroad, working in conjunction with the BBC big screen and in association with the London Olympics, a road trip to California, filming in IceLand and working with Rolls Royce.  These apportunity are very much overwhelming, so much to choose from.

At the start of the module, we had to cover the context of Television formating. We had to first understand the concept to what actually make up a TV format, as it is the format that makes a programme work. Through theoretical understanding and formating practices, we had the incision injected into our membrain-understandings what make a successful TV format. From there, we got put into role for a TV group, within that group, we had to put our heads together to come up with an idea for a show and for that show I we had to create a format-the selling point to the show.

Through collaboration, we came up with several idea, ideas which we played around with, ideas we were comfortable with but we didnt have a format.  With no format, we lack uniquity. We then had a meeting, where we gather up thought into what would make a good format, with the includings of our first idea of game show as the genre. We looked at other game show and though through the concepts and contextual difference within those show, that made them work as formats. We look at shows such as; Univesity challenge, which immediately gave us the idea of something similar but with a twist. I dea of different university stay as it is but the differences would be that its one university each show. Students from different courses compete to win a small prize. Prize could tange from a trips around the UK, a meal, tickets to event…

We though of what we could include to make the show very different to University challenge, because the aim of the show is to create a format, and as University Challenge is an exiting show, there should be uniquity for our show. We came up with the concept “you make the show” with  ‘YOU’ being the members of the public.  As this will be a quiz show, viewers at home makes the question and the challenges via, our networking sites.

An extremely plentiful or oversufficient effort went into our shows format. We were overwhemled and relief that we came up with a format that worked and the idea of the viewers participating, made the show inclusive and new to other quiz show conventions.
I personally feel that this show could futher developed as a selling format. The direction mentioned the idea of having the show, showcased at TV/film festival, we all think that this format would make it into production. Another point to the success of the show is the audience, there is not really a popular TV quiz show out there aim at a young audience.
Throughout development of the show, we had different ideas going around for the type of questions and the type of activities that we wanted to be included in the final production. The ideas for the challenge round kind of sparked up an issue because of the size of the studio. We had good idea but it required a bigger platform and with time and budget, we could make it happen, but we though the ideas could be developed further for the future shows.  The day of filming, we went through different takes, we had difficulties which we over came, we had laughts and at the end, I can say I am please with my contribution as camera opporator.


To give tips on our Radio project, the brilliant managing editor of BBC Coventry and Warwickshire, Duncan Jones came to visit us to talk about  the radio brief “Undiscovered Coventry”.

He has worked in radio for over 25 years. His first career started as a sport reporter, his BBC career began answering the phones on Radio Birmingham. He then moved on to be a sport reported/producer for the BBC television news.  He is now current back to doing what he love, which is local radio, so it is an honor for us student to get the opportunity have hi, in our presnce.

He told us about the BBC local radio remit;  Local radio is for people interested in the local  area – local news, sports, events and issues. BBC Coventry and Warwickshire’s output is 60%    speech, 40% music.  It has a set  music playlist that is different to Radio One, Touch FM and Mercia FM and is aimed at an audience aged 40+.

Tips on getting into the local radio industry

What he looks for as an interviewe is your experience. Get involve with any local or commercial project that are available to you as we are not limited when seeking out opportunities. We credited in our work, so the more we do, the more our skills and ability improves as when you apply for a role, you should be able play the part no questions ask. He see this sometime a better advantage than having a degree.

Being interested in the role you’ve applied for, know your stuff, do your research, be motivated and passionate.

Duncan’s top tips for making your artefact;

1. Find something to say that people will be surprised about.

2. Be clear on the point of your story.  What do you want the listener to get out of it. What is your aim?

3. Make it interesting – keeping a balance between the story and your creative ideas.

4. Paint pictures with words.  There is no limit to the pictures you can create on radio.

5. The intro should tease the listener.  The outro should point to further information (eg website, blog etc)

First and formost: What is television  format?

What you see on TV, what make up a TV program, i.e the recipe or the concept which define a television program, the technique to create a catergorise schedule that are listed in the television market. which are sometimes used similarly in a more domestic market, this is defined as format adaptation or programme cloning. In other words; A Programme with contents or recipe that  is repeated weekly or week days at a specific time which meets the required audience schedules.

Lecture 1

In this lecture, we coverd the art of TV format; ‘Probably the biggest name in the Formats busines’ Endemol

Endemol started in Holand in 1994 by jon de mol. Its first sucessful, schedule program was the popular ‘Big Brother’ which is a reality Television show which consist of chosen members of the public who applied to be on the show , they are put in a house, each week a member gets nominated by the house members and tviewer and the last remaining member come out as the winner. What made Endemol the most money was another popular ‘game show’ called Deal on No deal. The company now boasts 80 companies in 26 countries broadcasting 40,000 hours of content each year

why is Deal or No Deal an internationally successful format?

First thing to point out, ‘the aim of the game’ to win a million dollor. the essentual ingredient to the show is; the host, the contestants and the money that the aim to leave the show with . The title of the show, alone strike an eye opener which give an  overall opening/meaning to the show is all about, to win big you have to accept a deal that the banker offer by saying the word deal or simple refuse his offer by saying; ‘no deal’ which is reinfored by the look of the game/money board, the audiences incouragement and the contestants optimism. Another good ingredient to the show is the involving members of the public, the show give peole at home , a chance to take part where they can also win some money. This is a great way to build an audience.  I think a big part to the show success comes from the show being highly rated by the ethusiasm, the build up, whhos in the hot seal, will she or he win the million. You would just have to tune in to find out, everyday is a new contestant, new character, new entertainment.



The first day back… All student were  told to attend to our first session,where we were all told in detail about our first task to carry out, this is the  four week project, which is surpose to be planned, filmed and edited, final production should ready for viewing by the 24th, October. We were all surpose to have recieved an email during the summer break which detailed what we had to carry out, I was one of the unfortunate student to have not recieved that email, so I had to come up with an idea, which had to be done and ready to pitch for the following week. after we were all briefed on the task, we were all then assembled in small groups. My group members are:

  • Ally Prentice
  • Alex Blaikie
  • Jessica Wilkinson
  • Scott Cowley
  • Sophie Lees
  • Nick Pace

The most unfortunate thing within the group was the fact that noone actually came up with an inventive idea to develop, one of our lecturer mentioned that we should look at life, everyday life can inspire us. All we had to do is go out our comfort  zone as all restriction was off, we could look at what people get up to, watch clips on youtube to come up with our own ideas, just simple be adventurous and thats exactly what we all set off to do.

Within our meeting, we shared each others ideas, give our views and opinions on each of the team members different idea, we share what would work, what things to combine to create a good narative. Each member came up with one or two different idea which we could work with, out of all our ideas, we had to chose three to pitch which will then be narrowed down to one, which will then be our production piece. Jessica came up wioth two short films which both had an intriguing narrative structure, we had steam discussion and gather up our thoughts on which one we thought would be the ideal one to produce, we decided on her first choice, this she prefered herself aswell, the narrative is as follow:

The foot of a young boy taps the steps of the library where he waits. He chews his lip. He sits and traces the lines of his shoes with his finger. Plays with his phone. Peels the paint from the railings… He is waiting. Waiting to be picked up and taken home. His name is drawn on his old backpack, Reece. This boy absent-mindedly watches the never ending traffic but pays no attention because he is only waiting for one car. Buses, ambulances, taxis, vans, cars – none of them matter, they’re just background noise. He calls again. Still no answer. The traffic gets heavier, it’s rush hour, they should be there soon. More buses, more taxis. He checks his bag. No money. No bus home then. Oh well, he’ll wait. And wait… More frustration, it must have been days now? No? He checks his watch. Only an hour? Can’t be right… He calls again. Voicemail. Where are they? More cars, more ambulances. He covers his ears and wishes they’d turn the sirens down. Bloody things. He starts to draw to pass the time. Where are they? He sighs… Why not call again..?

I really adore this idea, Its a well written brief summery of a short film, which I believe would be much more critically done visually… I would be very much exciting to bringing all the elements together to create this mavelous idea.

Nick had an idea for a music video, on one of his friends he met last year. He shared a recording of his friend singing an acoustic song which was recorded on a drunken night and we all agreed that it sound pretty good. Nick had an idea on how he wanted to do the actual video, he mention that he would like to do a stop motion effect, where he would have a moving narrative using pictues with the combinattion of the artist performing (video). Alex then mentioned that Snow Patrol had done a video similar to his idea.

Two of our three ideas are now out the way. We had our thinking caps of f  for a moment of intermission, this lead us to roam around on YouTube, from there we figure out our thirt idea, which we’ren’t done intentionally.  We thought of doing some sort of podcast. We spent the rest of or time looking through different podcast that people upload everyday, the amount of views, subscribers etc some people actually is making a living out o this as they become more and more popular/most talked about videos.

Here are a few: